Paper Presentation Requirements for CVPR 2021

Paper presentations at CVPR'21


All accepted papers should prepare a 5-minute video and poster PDF.   In addition, all papers will have a "live session" where attendees can meet the authors via a video link to discuss the paper.  See details below:


(1) A 5-minute video presentation

Authors should prepare a 5-minute video presentation of their work.  Videos will be made available on the conference platform for viewing at any time during the conference.  Attendees will be able to post questions to the authors asynchronously via a text Q/A box associated with each paper.  Videos should be encoded in an MP4 format, at 1920x1080p, using H264 compression.  Please ensure that your associated audio is clear and at the appropriate level . The maximum video file size allowed by the virtual platform is 2GB, however, we recommend a much smaller file size (e.g., 50MB) to avoid issues with uploading/downloading.  Note that our virtual platform provider has a feature where you can record audio to slides instead of an MP4 file. Please enable closed captioning.


(2) A poster-PDF

Authors should also prepare a poster PDF for their paper.   The virtual platform has a feature to browse all posters in a paper session.  Posters can also be used as a talking point for the live sessions.  A template for the poster-PDF can be found here:


The other features on the Harvester are OPTIONAL and you are welcome to use in support of your paper. 



Poster Instructions
If your workshop has posters, a template for poster-PDF can be found here:

Video instructions

For video on the virtual platform there is a limit of 5-minutes maximum for uploaded videos.

It is recommended that videos are prepared as MP4 using 1920x1080p in H264 compression, although other formats can be supported.  The only constraint for the virtual platform is that the video file is less than 2Gb, however, we recommend you aim for a smaller size to ensure easy upload.

All videos should have narration and, if possible, closed captioning. You may get someone else to do your voice over. Human narration is preferred but text-to-speech (TTS) is allowed if it makes the video easier to understand. 

When presenting, please introduce yourself. We recommend any text/math should use at least 24 point font (and ideally should be >32pt) as smaller fonts will not be readable on small mobile screens.

Examples of a 5-minute CVPR video

TIf this is your first CVPR paper and you need ideas on how to present your work, here are some nice examples on youtube from CVPR2020. 

Video/Slide Presentation Formatting

Most videos will be recordings of slide presentation (e.g., PPT).   If you prepare your presentation using PowerPoint, you can time your slides and save the presentation as a WMV video directly from PowerPoint. Some instructions on how to do this can be found here: 

The Cadmium Harvester site you were invited to has a feature to record audio with your slides. This can be used for Workshop or Main Conference Papers.

WMV can be converted into MP4 Youtube or FFMPEG.

Alternatively, there are many free screen capture programs that directly produce proper MP4:

  • VLC- ( works on all platforms.
  • OBS-
  • Tinytake- ( for Windows.
  • For Mac there is the built-in QuickTime, which will need to be exported as MP4 because the QuickTime default is MOV).
  • For Mac users using keynote
  • You can do Play > Record Slideshow…, then record it. This seems to just record timestamps. But then you do File > Export to Movie, select “Slideshow Recording”, Custom resolution (1920×1080).