Best Paper Candidates

Paper ID Paper Title Authors

Privacy-Preserving Image Features via Adversarial Affine Subspace Embeddings

Mihai Dusmanu (ETH Zurich); Johannes L Schönberger (Microsoft); Sudipta Sinha (Microsoft); Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich / Microsoft)


Learning Calibrated Medical Image Segmentation via Multi-Rater Agreement Modeling

Wei Ji (University of Alberta); Shuang Yu (Tencent); Junde Wu (Harbin Institute of Technology); Kai Ma (Tencent); Cheng Bian (Tencent); Qi Bi (University of Amsterdam); 


Diffusion Probabilistic Models for 3D Point Cloud Generation

Shitong Luo (Peking University); Wei Hu (Peking University)


Task Programming: Learning Data Efficient Behavior Representations

Jennifer J. Sun (Caltech); Ann Kennedy (Northwestern University); Eric Zhan (Caltech); David J. Anderson (Caltech); Yisong Yue (Caltech); Pietro Perona (California Institute of Technology)


PoseAug: A Differentiable Pose Augmentation Framework for 3D Human Pose Estimation

Kehong Gong (National University of Singapore); Jianfeng Zhang (NUS); Jiashi Feng (NUS)


SCANimate: Weakly Supervised Learning of Skinned Clothed Avatar Networks

Shunsuke Saito (Facebook); Jinlong Yang (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Qianli Ma (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Michael J. Black (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)


On Self-Contact and Human Pose

Lea Müller (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Ahmed A A Osman (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Siyu Tang (ETH Zurich); Chun-Hao Paul Huang (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Michael J. Black (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)


Binary TTC: A Temporal Geofence for Autonomous Navigation

Abhishek Badki (University of California, Santa Barbara); Orazio Gallo (NVIDIA Research); Jan Kautz (NVIDIA); Pradeep Sen (UC Santa Barbara)


Rethinking and Improving the Robustness of Image Style Transfer

Pei Wang (UC San Diego); Yijun Li (Adobe Research); Nuno Vasconcelos (UC San Diego)


Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination with Cross-Modal Agreement

Pedro Morgado (University of California, San Diego); Nuno Vasconcelos (UCSD, USA); Ishan Misra (Facebook AI Research)


Point2Skeleton: Learning Skeletal Representations from Point Clouds

Cheng Lin (The University of Hong Kong); Changjian Li (University College London); Yuan Liu (The University of Hong Kong); Nenglun Chen (The University of Hong Kong); Yi King Choi (The University of Hong Kong); Wenping Wang (The University of Hong Kong)


Human POSEitioning System (HPS): 3D Human Pose Estimation and Self-Localization in Large Scenes From Body-Mounted Sensors

Vladimir Guzov (Max Planck Institute for Informatics); Aymen Mir (Max Planck Institute of Informatics); Torsten Sattler (Czech Technical University in Prague); Gerard Pons-Moll (MPII, Germany)


Where and What? Examining Interpretable Disentangled Representations

Xinqi Zhu (University of Sydney); Chang Xu (University of Sydney); Dacheng Tao (The University of Sydney)


Learning To Recover 3D Scene Shape From a Single Image

Wei Yin (University of Adelaide); Jianming Zhang (Adobe Research); Oliver Wang (Adobe Systems Inc); Simon Niklaus (Adobe Research); Long T Mai (Adobe Research); Simon Chen (Adobe Research); Chunhua Shen (University of Adelaide)


GIRAFFE: Representing Scenes As Compositional Generative Neural Feature Fields

Michael Niemeyer (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen and University of Tübingen); Andreas Geiger (MPI-IS and University of Tuebingen)


Polygonal Building Extraction by Frame Field Learning

Nicolas Girard (Inria Sophia-Antipolis); Dmitriy Smirnov (MIT); Justin M Solomon (MIT); Yuliya Tarabalka (Inria Sophia-Antipolis)


NeuralRecon: Real-Time Coherent 3D Reconstruction From Monocular Video

Jiaming Sun (SenseTime); Yiming Xie (SenseTime); Linghao Chen (Zhejiang University); Xiaowei Zhou (Zhejiang University); Hujun Bao (Zhejiang University)


CoCosNet v2: Full-Resolution Correspondence Learning for Image Translation

Xingran Zhou (Zhejiang University); Bo Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia); Ting Zhang (MSRA); Pan Zhang (USTC); Jianmin Bao (Microsoft Research Asia); Dong Chen (Microsoft Research Asia); Zhongfei Zhang (Binghamton University); Fang Wen (Microsoft Research Asia)


Less Is More: ClipBERT for Video-and-Language Learning via Sparse Sampling

Jie Lei (UNC Chapel Hill); Linjie Li (Microsoft); Luowei Zhou (Microsoft); Zhe Gan (Microsoft); Tamara Berg (UNC Chapel Hill, USA); Mohit Bansal (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Jingjing Liu (Microsoft)


Neural Body: Implicit Neural Representations With Structured Latent Codes for Novel View Synthesis of Dynamic Humans

Sida Peng (Zhejiang University); Yuanqing Zhang (Zhejiang University); Yinghao Xu (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Qianqian Wang (Cornell); Qing Shuai (Zhejiang University); Hujun Bao (Zhejiang University); Xiaowei Zhou (Zhejiang University)


Exploring Simple Siamese Representation Learning

Xinlei Chen (FAIR); Kaiming He (Facebook AI Research)


Guided Interactive Video Object Segmentation Using Reliability-Based Attention Maps

Yuk Heo (Korea University); Yeong Jun Koh (Chungnam National University); Chang-Su Kim (Korea university)


GeoSim: Realistic Video Simulation via Geometry-Aware Composition for Self-Driving

Yun Chen (Uber ATG); Frieda Rong (Uber ATG); Shivam Duggal (Delhi Technological University); Shenlong Wang (Uber ATG, University of Toronto); Xinchen Yan (Uber ATG); Sivabalan Manivasagam (University of Toronto); Shangjie Xue (MIT); Ersin Yumer (Uber ATG); Raquel Urtasun (Uber ATG)


Neural Lumigraph Rendering

Petr Kellnhofer (Stanford University); Lars C Jebe (Raxium); Andrew Jones (Raxium); Ryan Spicer (Raxium); Kari Pulli (University of Oulu); Gordon Wetzstein (Stanford University)


Event-Based Synthetic Aperture Imaging With a Hybrid Network

Xiang Zhang (Wuhan University); Wei Liao (WuHan University); Lei Yu (Wuhan University); Wen Yang (Wuhan University); Gui-Song Xia (Wuhan University)


Energy-Based Learning for Scene Graph Generation

Mohammed Suhail (University of British Columbia); Abhay Mittal (Amazon); Behjat Siddiquie (Amazon); Christopher Broaddus (Amazon); Jayan Eledath (Amazon); gerard medioni (USC); Leonid Sigal (University of British Columbia)


Learning High Fidelity Depths of Dressed Humans by Watching Social Media Dance Videos

Yasamin Jafarian (University of Minnesota); Hyun Soo Park (The University of Minnesota)


MP3: A Unified Model To Map, Perceive, Predict and Plan

Sergio Casas (Uber ATG / University of Toronto); Abbas Sadat (Uber ATG); Raquel Urtasun (Uber ATG)


NeX: Real-Time View Synthesis With Neural Basis Expansion

Suttisak Wizadwongsa (Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology); Pakkapon Phongthawee (Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology); Jiraphon Yenphraphai (Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology); Supasorn Suwajanakorn (Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology)


NewtonianVAE: Proportional Control and Goal Identification From Pixels via Physical Latent Spaces

Miguel Jaques (University of Edinburgh); Michael Burke (Monash University); Timothy Hospedales (Edinburgh University)


Fast End-to-End Learning on Protein Surfaces

Freyr Sverrisson (EPFL); Jean Feydy (Imperial College London); Bruno Correia (EPFL); Michael Bronstein (Imperial College London / Twitter)


Real-Time High-Resolution Background Matting

Shanchuan Lin (University of Washington); Andrey Ryabtsev (University of Washington); Soumyadip Sengupta (University of Washington); Brian Curless (University of Washington); Steve Seitz (University of Washington); Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman (University of Washington)