Session Ten


All papers will be presented in the same manner. Each paper will have a five minute pre-recorded video and a PDF of the poster. An asynchronous text chat will be available for each paper. Attendees can view the papers and videos on demand at any time. Authors will also have individual Q&A sessions at the posted times below.

 All posted times are EDT but the chart linked below has all time zones’ conversions. When the virtual site is up, you will be able to select which sessions you are interested in and it will populate your own schedule.

Presentation Schedule

  • All times are Eastern Daylight Time

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021   11:00 – 13:30
Paper Session Ten:

Paper ID Paper Title Authors
6333 Learning High Fidelity Depths of Dressed Humans by Watching Social Media Dance Videos Yasamin Jafarian, Hyun Soo Park
4375 PointNetLK Revisited Xueqian Li, Jhony Kaesemodel Pontes, Simon Lucey
4318 BRepNet: A Topological Message Passing System for Solid Models Joseph G. Lambourne, Karl D.D. Willis, Pradeep Kumar Jayaraman, Aditya Sanghi, Peter Meltzer, Hooman Shayani
7395 KeypointDeformer: Unsupervised 3D Keypoint Discovery for Shape Control Tomas Jakab, Richard Tucker, Ameesh Makadia, Jiajun Wu, Noah Snavely, Angjoo Kanazawa
2408 Learning View-Disentangled Human Pose Representation by Contrastive Cross-View Mutual Information Maximization Long Zhao, Yuxiao Wang, Jiaping Zhao, Liangzhe Yuan, Jennifer J. Sun, Florian Schroff, Hartwig Adam, Xi Peng, Dimitris Metaxas, Ting Liu
1927 i3DMM: Deep Implicit 3D Morphable Model of Human Heads Tarun Yenamandra, Ayush Tewari, Florian Bernard, Hans-Peter Seidel, Mohamed Elgharib, Daniel Cremers, Christian Theobalt
3521 Reconstructing 3D Human Pose by Watching Humans in the Mirror Qi Fang, Qing Shuai, Junting Dong, Hujun Bao, Xiaowei Zhou
1539 EventZoom: Learning To Denoise and Super Resolve Neuromorphic Events Peiqi Duan, Zihao W. Wang, Xinyu Zhou, Yi Ma, Boxin Shi
3102 Spatially-Varying Outdoor Lighting Estimation From Intrinsics Yongjie Zhu, Yinda Zhang, Si Li, Boxin Shi
5385 Knowledge Evolution in Neural Networks Ahmed Taha, Abhinav Shrivastava, Larry S. Davis
10484 Understanding Failures of Deep Networks via Robust Feature Extraction Sahil Singla, Besmira Nushi, Shital Shah, Ece Kamar, Eric Horvitz
5532 StyleSpace Analysis: Disentangled Controls for StyleGAN Image Generation Zongze Wu, Dani Lischinski, Eli Shechtman
4270 Taming Transformers for High-Resolution Image Synthesis Patrick Esser, Robin Rombach, Björn Ommer
7246 Benchmarking Representation Learning for Natural World Image Collections Grant Van Horn, Elijah Cole, Sara Beery, Kimberly Wilber, Serge Belongie, Oisin Mac Aodha
10649 Scaling Local Self-Attention for Parameter Efficient Visual Backbones Ashish Vaswani, Prajit Ramachandran, Aravind Srinivas, Niki Parmar, Blake Hechtman, Jonathon Shlens
10078 IMODAL: Creating Learnable User-Defined Deformation Models Leander Lacroix, Benjamin Charlier, Alain Trouvé, Barbara Gris
3008 Unsupervised Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification Zechen Bai, Zhigang Wang, Jian Wang, Di Hu, Errui Ding
5556 Generalization on Unseen Domains via Inference-Time Label-Preserving Target Projections Prashant Pandey, Mrigank Raman, Sumanth Varambally, Prathosh AP
2616 Robust Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination Pedro Morgado, Ishan Misra, Nuno Vasconcelos
1269 Binary TTC: A Temporal Geofence for Autonomous Navigation Abhishek Badki, Orazio Gallo, Jan Kautz, Pradeep Sen
800 LED2-Net: Monocular 360° Layout Estimation via Differentiable Depth Rendering Fu-En Wang, Yu-Hsuan Yeh, Min Sun, Wei-Chen Chiu, Yi-Hsuan Tsai
2062 A Realistic Evaluation of Semi-Supervised Learning for Fine-Grained Classification Jong-Chyi Su, Zezhou Cheng, Subhransu Maji
2425 Seeing Out of the Box: End-to-End Pre-Training for Vision-Language Representation Learning Zhicheng Huang, Zhaoyang Zeng, Yupan Huang, Bei Liu, Dongmei Fu, Jianlong Fu
2757 Intentonomy: A Dataset and Study Towards Human Intent Understanding Menglin Jia, Zuxuan Wu, Austin Reiter, Claire Cardie, Serge Belongie, Ser-Nam Lim
1178 Mutual Graph Learning for Camouflaged Object Detection Qiang Zhai, Xin Li, Fan Yang, Chenglizhao Chen, Hong Cheng, Deng-Ping Fan
10700 Hallucination Improves Few-Shot Object Detection Weilin Zhang, Yu-Xiong Wang
7685 Learning To Predict Visual Attributes in the Wild Khoi Pham, Kushal Kafle, Zhe Lin, Zhihong Ding, Scott Cohen, Quan Tran, Abhinav Shrivastava
745 Scaled-YOLOv4: Scaling Cross Stage Partial Network Chien-Yao Wang, Alexey Bochkovskiy, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao
2620 You Only Look One-Level Feature Qiang Chen, Yingming Wang, Tong Yang, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Cheng, Jian Sun
3884 Neighborhood Normalization for Robust Geometric Feature Learning Xingtong Liu, Benjamin D. Killeen, Ayushi Sinha, Masaru Ishii, Gregory D. Hager, Russell H. Taylor, Mathias Unberath
2987 High-Fidelity Face Tracking for AR/VR via Deep Lighting Adaptation Lele Chen, Chen Cao, Fernando De la Torre, Jason Saragih, Chenliang Xu, Yaser Sheikh
6689 Cuboids Revisited: Learning Robust 3D Shape Fitting to Single RGB Images Florian Kluger, Hanno Ackermann, Eric Brachmann, Michael Ying Yang, Bodo Rosenhahn
587 Cycle4Completion: Unpaired Point Cloud Completion Using Cycle Transformation With Missing Region Coding Xin Wen, Zhizhong Han, Yan-Pei Cao, Pengfei Wan, Wen Zheng, Yu-Shen Liu
3093 LiDAR-Based Panoptic Segmentation via Dynamic Shifting Network Fangzhou Hong, Hui Zhou, Xinge Zhu, Hongsheng Li, Ziwei Liu
6286 RPSRNet: End-to-End Trainable Rigid Point Set Registration Network Using Barnes-Hut 2D-Tree Representation Sk Aziz Ali, Kerem Kahraman, Gerd Reis, Didier Stricker
2397 Online Learning of a Probabilistic and Adaptive Scene Representation Zike Yan, Xin Wang, Hongbin Zha
1679 Quantum Permutation Synchronization Tolga Birdal, Vladislav Golyanik, Christian Theobalt, Leonidas J. Guibas
375 Wide-Baseline Multi-Camera Calibration Using Person Re-Identification Yan Xu, Yu-Jhe Li, Xinshuo Weng, Kris Kitani
10046 STaR: Self-Supervised Tracking and Reconstruction of Rigid Objects in Motion With Neural Rendering Wentao Yuan, Zhaoyang Lv, Tanner Schmidt, Steven Lovegrove
10321 PatchMatch-Based Neighborhood Consensus for Semantic Correspondence Jae Yong Lee, Joseph DeGol, Victor Fragoso, Sudipta N. Sinha
1038 Learning Feature Aggregation for Deep 3D Morphable Models Zhixiang Chen, Tae-Kyun Kim
7342 A Functional Approach to Rotation Equivariant Non-Linearities for Tensor Field Networks. Adrien Poulenard, Leonidas J. Guibas
8801 Generalizing to the Open World: Deep Visual Odometry With Online Adaptation Shunkai Li, Xin Wu, Yingdian Cao, Hongbin Zha
6665 Panoptic-PolarNet: Proposal-Free LiDAR Point Cloud Panoptic Segmentation Zixiang Zhou, Yang Zhang, Hassan Foroosh
1136 3D Spatial Recognition Without Spatially Labeled 3D Zhongzheng Ren, Ishan Misra, Alexander G. Schwing, Rohit Girdhar
4240 ACTION-Net: Multipath Excitation for Action Recognition Zhengwei Wang, Qi She, Aljosa Smolic
7689 Anticipating Human Actions by Correlating Past With the Future With Jaccard Similarity Measures Basura Fernando, Samitha Herath
5941 Glance and Gaze: Inferring Action-Aware Points for One-Stage Human-Object Interaction Detection Xubin Zhong, Xian Qu, Changxing Ding, Dacheng Tao
5952 How Robust Are Randomized Smoothing Based Defenses to Data Poisoning? Akshay Mehra, Bhavya Kailkhura, Pin-Yu Chen, Jihun Hamm
5477 FaceSec: A Fine-Grained Robustness Evaluation Framework for Face Recognition Systems Liang Tong, Zhengzhang Chen, Jingchao Ni, Wei Cheng, Dongjin Song, Haifeng Chen, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
3534 Rethinking the Heatmap Regression for Bottom-Up Human Pose Estimation Zhengxiong Luo, Zhicheng Wang, Yan Huang, Liang Wang, Tieniu Tan, Erjin Zhou
5102 Camera-Space Hand Mesh Recovery via Semantic Aggregation and Adaptive 2D-1D Registration Xingyu Chen, Yufeng Liu, Chongyang Ma, Jianlong Chang, Huayan Wang, Tian Chen, Xiaoyan Guo, Pengfei Wan, Wen Zheng
5498 S3: Neural Shape, Skeleton, and Skinning Fields for 3D Human Modeling Ze Yang, Shenlong Wang, Sivabalan Manivasagam, Zeng Huang, Wei-Chiu Ma, Xinchen Yan, Ersin Yumer, Raquel Urtasun
5404 CanonPose: Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild Bastian Wandt, Marco Rudolph, Petrissa Zell, Helge Rhodin, Bodo Rosenhahn
5284 Lipstick Ain’t Enough: Beyond Color Matching for In-the-Wild Makeup Transfer Thao Nguyen, Anh Tuan Tran, Minh Hoai
1804 Virtual Fully-Connected Layer: Training a Large-Scale Face Recognition Dataset With Limited Computational Resources Pengyu Li, Biao Wang, Lei Zhang
3673 Learning From the Master: Distilling Cross-Modal Advanced Knowledge for Lip Reading Sucheng Ren, Yong Du, Jianming Lv, Guoqiang Han, Shengfeng He
4504 Watching You: Global-Guided Reciprocal Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification Xuehu Liu, Pingping Zhang, Chenyang Yu, Huchuan Lu, Xiaoyun Yang
11579 Sparse Multi-Path Corrections in Fringe Projection Profilometry Yu Zhang, Daniel Lau, David Wipf
3126 Attention-Guided Image Compression by Deep Reconstruction of Compressive Sensed Saliency Skeleton Xi Zhang, Xiaolin Wu
603 Invertible Denoising Network: A Light Solution for Real Noise Removal Yang Liu, Zhenyue Qin, Saeed Anwar, Pan Ji, Dongwoo Kim, Sabrina Caldwell, Tom Gedeon
1473 Multi-Decoding Deraining Network and Quasi-Sparsity Based Training Yinglong Wang, Chao Ma, Bing Zeng
3690 Unsupervised Real-World Image Super Resolution via Domain-Distance Aware Training Yunxuan Wei, Shuhang Gu, Yawei Li, Radu Timofte, Longcun Jin, Hengjie Song
2424 Single Image Reflection Removal With Absorption Effect Qian Zheng, Boxin Shi, Jinnan Chen, Xudong Jiang, Ling-Yu Duan, Alex C. Kot
5944 Exploiting Aliasing for Manga Restoration Minshan Xie, Menghan Xia, Tien-Tsin Wong
5908 Rich Context Aggregation With Reflection Prior for Glass Surface Detection Jiaying Lin, Zebang He, Rynson W.H. Lau
2140 MR Image Super-Resolution With Squeeze and Excitation Reasoning Attention Network Yulun Zhang, Kai Li, Kunpeng Li, Yun Fu
5684 Rich Features for Perceptual Quality Assessment of UGC Videos Yilin Wang, Junjie Ke, Hossein Talebi, Joong Gon Yim, Neil Birkbeck, Balu Adsumilli, Peyman Milanfar, Feng Yang
5317 A 3D GAN for Improved Large-Pose Facial Recognition Richard T. Marriott, Sami Romdhani, Liming Chen
5433 Sewer-ML: A Multi-Label Sewer Defect Classification Dataset and Benchmark Joakim Bruslund Haurum, Thomas B. Moeslund
6109 AGORA: Avatars in Geography Optimized for Regression Analysis Priyanka Patel, Chun-Hao P. Huang, Joachim Tesch, David T. Hoffmann, Shashank Tripathi, Michael J. Black
8582 SKFAC: Training Neural Networks With Faster Kronecker-Factored Approximate Curvature Zedong Tang, Fenlong Jiang, Maoguo Gong, Hao Li, Yue Wu, Fan Yu, Zidong Wang, Min Wang
6628 Tree-Like Decision Distillation Jie Song, Haofei Zhang, Xinchao Wang, Mengqi Xue, Ying Chen, Li Sun, Dacheng Tao, Mingli Song
7774 How Does Topology Influence Gradient Propagation and Model Performance of Deep Networks With DenseNet-Type Skip Connections? Kartikeya Bhardwaj, Guihong Li, Radu Marculescu
3422 EnD: Entangling and Disentangling Deep Representations for Bias Correction Enzo Tartaglione, Carlo Alberto Barbano, Marco Grangetto
5223 Learning Decision Trees Recurrently Through Communication Stephan Alaniz, Diego Marcos, Bernt Schiele, Zeynep Akata
4928 Neural Response Interpretation Through the Lens of Critical Pathways Ashkan Khakzar, Soroosh Baselizadeh, Saurabh Khanduja, Christian Rupprecht, Seong Tae Kim, Nassir Navab
7469 Masksembles for Uncertainty Estimation Nikita Durasov, Timur Bagautdinov, Pierre Baque, Pascal Fua
3170 Self-Supervised Video Hashing via Bidirectional Transformers Shuyan Li, Xiu Li, Jiwen Lu, Jie Zhou
8530 3D Shape Generation With Grid-Based Implicit Functions Moritz Ibing, Isaak Lim, Leif Kobbelt
1512 Positional Encoding As Spatial Inductive Bias in GANs Rui Xu, Xintao Wang, Kai Chen, Bolei Zhou, Chen Change Loy
8688 Blur, Noise, and Compression Robust Generative Adversarial Networks Takuhiro Kaneko, Tatsuya Harada
4909 Learning by Planning: Language-Guided Global Image Editing Jing Shi, Ning Xu, Yihang Xu, Trung Bui, Franck Dernoncourt, Chenliang Xu
531 Teachers Do More Than Teach: Compressing Image-to-Image Models Qing Jin, Jian Ren, Oliver J. Woodford, Jiazhuo Wang, Geng Yuan, Yanzhi Wang, Sergey Tulyakov
5205 Autoregressive Stylized Motion Synthesis With Generative Flow Yu-Hui Wen, Zhipeng Yang, Hongbo Fu, Lin Gao, Yanan Sun, Yong-Jin Liu
1325 MUST-GAN: Multi-Level Statistics Transfer for Self-Driven Person Image Generation Tianxiang Ma, Bo Peng, Wei Wang, Jing Dong
1834 House-GAN++: Generative Adversarial Layout Refinement Network towards Intelligent Computational Agent for Professional Architects Nelson Nauata, Sepidehsadat Hosseini, Kai-Hung Chang, Hang Chu, Chin-Yi Cheng, Yasutaka Furukawa
1234 Variational Transformer Networks for Layout Generation Diego Martín Arroyo, Janis Postels, Federico Tombari
11392 Motion Representations for Articulated Animation Aliaksandr Siarohin, Oliver J. Woodford, Jian Ren, Menglei Chai, Sergey Tulyakov
10917 Pareto Self-Supervised Training for Few-Shot Learning Zhengyu Chen, Jixie Ge, Heshen Zhan, Siteng Huang, Donglin Wang
3045 RaScaNet: Learning Tiny Models by Raster-Scanning Images Jaehyoung Yoo, Dongwook Lee, Changyong Son, Sangil Jung, ByungIn Yoo, Changkyu Choi, Jae-Joon Han, Bohyung Han
7379 AlphaMatch: Improving Consistency for Semi-Supervised Learning With Alpha-Divergence Chengyue Gong, Dilin Wang, Qiang Liu
4001 Nearest Neighbor Matching for Deep Clustering Zhiyuan Dang, Cheng Deng, Xu Yang, Kun Wei, Heng Huang
1985 DeepACG: Co-Saliency Detection via Semantic-Aware Contrast Gromov-Wasserstein Distance Kaihua Zhang, Mingliang Dong, Bo Liu, Xiao-Tong Yuan, Qingshan Liu
2807 Coordinate Attention for Efficient Mobile Network Design Qibin Hou, Daquan Zhou, Jiashi Feng
1157 Landmark Regularization: Ranking Guided Super-Net Training in Neural Architecture Search Kaicheng Yu, René Ranftl, Mathieu Salzmann
7140 RepVGG: Making VGG-Style ConvNets Great Again Xiaohan Ding, Xiangyu Zhang, Ningning Ma, Jungong Han, Guiguang Ding, Jian Sun
3841 3D Graph Anatomy Geometry-Integrated Network for Pancreatic Mass Segmentation, Diagnosis, and Quantitative Patient Management Tianyi Zhao, Kai Cao, Jiawen Yao, Isabella Nogues, Le Lu, Lingyun Huang, Jing Xiao, Zhaozheng Yin, Ling Zhang
789 Exploring and Distilling Posterior and Prior Knowledge for Radiology Report Generation Fenglin Liu, Xian Wu, Shen Ge, Wei Fan, Yuexian Zou
1435 Towards More Flexible and Accurate Object Tracking With Natural Language: Algorithms and Benchmark Xiao Wang, Xiujun Shu, Zhipeng Zhang, Bo Jiang, Yaowei Wang, Yonghong Tian, Feng Wu
7848 STMTrack: Template-Free Visual Tracking With Space-Time Memory Networks Zhihong Fu, Qingjie Liu, Zehua Fu, Yunhong Wang
6241 DyGLIP: A Dynamic Graph Model With Link Prediction for Accurate Multi-Camera Multiple Object Tracking Kha Gia Quach, Pha Nguyen, Huu Le, Thanh-Dat Truong, Chi Nhan Duong, Minh-Triet Tran, Khoa Luu
3387 SuperMix: Supervising the Mixing Data Augmentation Ali Dabouei, Sobhan Soleymani, Fariborz Taherkhani, Nasser M. Nasrabadi
1924 Monte Carlo Scene Search for 3D Scene Understanding Shreyas Hampali, Sinisa Stekovic, Sayan Deb Sarkar, Chetan S. Kumar, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Vincent Lepetit
6437 MAZE: Data-Free Model Stealing Attack Using Zeroth-Order Gradient Estimation Sanjay Kariyappa, Atul Prakash, Moinuddin K Qureshi
955 Visualizing Adapted Knowledge in Domain Transfer Yunzhong Hou, Liang Zheng
3431 Prototypical Cross-Domain Self-Supervised Learning for Few-Shot Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Xiangyu Yue, Zangwei Zheng, Shanghang Zhang, Yang Gao, Trevor Darrell, Kurt Keutzer, Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli
10462 KSM: Fast Multiple Task Adaption via Kernel-Wise Soft Mask Learning Li Yang, Zhezhi He, Junshan Zhang, Deliang Fan
1510 Picasso: A CUDA-Based Library for Deep Learning Over 3D Meshes Huan Lei, Naveed Akhtar, Ajmal Mian
6646 Efficient Feature Transformations for Discriminative and Generative Continual Learning Vinay Kumar Verma, Kevin J Liang, Nikhil Mehta, Piyush Rai, Lawrence Carin
8858 Spatial Assembly Networks for Image Representation Learning Yang Li, Shichao Kan, Jianhe Yuan, Wenming Cao, Zhihai He
1846 Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning by Context and Motion Decoupling Lianghua Huang, Yu Liu, Bin Wang, Pan Pan, Yinghui Xu, Rong Jin
2036 Learning Probabilistic Ordinal Embeddings for Uncertainty-Aware Regression Wanhua Li, Xiaoke Huang, Jiwen Lu, Jianjiang Feng, Jie Zhou
1728 CFNet: Cascade and Fused Cost Volume for Robust Stereo Matching Zhelun Shen, Yuchao Dai, Zhibo Rao
10892 Depth Completion Using Plane-Residual Representation Byeong-Uk Lee, Kyunghyun Lee, In So Kweon
4697 Look Closer To Segment Better: Boundary Patch Refinement for Instance Segmentation Chufeng Tang, Hang Chen, Xiao Li, Jianmin Li, Zhaoxiang Zhang, Xiaolin Hu
5562 Energy-Based Learning for Scene Graph Generation Mohammed Suhail, Abhay Mittal, Behjat Siddiquie, Chris Broaddus, Jayan Eledath, Gerard Medioni, Leonid Sigal
2178 Heterogeneous Grid Convolution for Adaptive, Efficient, and Controllable Computation Ryuhei Hamaguchi, Yasutaka Furukawa, Masaki Onishi, Ken Sakurada
4537 DCNAS: Densely Connected Neural Architecture Search for Semantic Image Segmentation Xiong Zhang, Hongmin Xu, Hong Mo, Jianchao Tan, Cheng Yang, Lei Wang, Wenqi Ren
2546 Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation for Videos With Temporal Mask Consistency Qing Liu, Vignesh Ramanathan, Dhruv Mahajan, Alan Yuille, Zhenheng Yang
10766 Few-Shot Segmentation Without Meta-Learning: A Good Transductive Inference Is All You Need? Malik Boudiaf, Hoel Kervadec, Ziko Imtiaz Masud, Pablo Piantanida, Ismail Ben Ayed, Jose Dolz
3520 Conditional Bures Metric for Domain Adaptation You-Wei Luo, Chuan-Xian Ren
5175 Relative Order Analysis and Optimization for Unsupervised Deep Metric Learning Shichao Kan, Yigang Cen, Yang Li, Vladimir Mladenovic, Zhihai He
1937 MIST: Multiple Instance Self-Training Framework for Video Anomaly Detection Jia-Chang Feng, Fa-Ting Hong, Wei-Shi Zheng
4873 Patch-VQ: ‘Patching Up’ the Video Quality Problem Zhenqiang Ying, Maniratnam Mandal, Deepti Ghadiyaram, Alan Bovik
10743 Boosting Video Representation Learning With Multi-Faceted Integration Zhaofan Qiu, Ting Yao, Chong-Wah Ngo, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Dong Wu, Tao Mei
3294 Delving Deep Into Many-to-Many Attention for Few-Shot Video Object Segmentation Haoxin Chen, Hanjie Wu, Nanxuan Zhao, Sucheng Ren, Shengfeng He
2690 FAIEr: Fidelity and Adequacy Ensured Image Caption Evaluation Sijin Wang, Ziwei Yao, Ruiping Wang, Zhongqin Wu, Xilin Chen
2869 Iterative Shrinking for Referring Expression Grounding Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Mingjie Sun, Jimin Xiao, Eng Gee Lim
265 Repetitive Activity Counting by Sight and Sound Yunhua Zhang, Ling Shao, Cees G. M. Snoek
822 Audio-Driven Emotional Video Portraits Xinya Ji, Hang Zhou, Kaisiyuan Wang, Wayne Wu, Chen Change Loy, Xun Cao, Feng Xu
4853 Improving Weakly Supervised Visual Grounding by Contrastive Knowledge Distillation Liwei Wang, Jing Huang, Yin Li, Kun Xu, Zhengyuan Yang, Dong Yu
6533 Hierarchical and Partially Observable Goal-Driven Policy Learning With Goals Relational Graph Xin Ye, Yezhou Yang
7420 KRISP: Integrating Implicit and Symbolic Knowledge for Open-Domain Knowledge-Based VQA Kenneth Marino, Xinlei Chen, Devi Parikh, Abhinav Gupta, Marcus Rohrbach
2468 Focus on Local: Detecting Lane Marker From Bottom Up via Key Point Zhan Qu, Huan Jin, Yang Zhou, Zhen Yang, Wei Zhang
6162 VITON-HD: High-Resolution Virtual Try-On via Misalignment-Aware Normalization Seunghwan Choi, Sunghyun Park, Minsoo Lee, Jaegul Choo
4969 Patch-NetVLAD: Multi-Scale Fusion of Locally-Global Descriptors for Place Recognition Stephen Hausler, Sourav Garg, Ming Xu, Michael Milford, Tobias Fischer
911 DeRF: Decomposed Radiance Fields Daniel Rebain, Wei Jiang, Soroosh Yazdani, Ke Li, Kwang Moo Yi, Andrea Tagliasacchi