Sponsor Sessions

Activeloop AI Panel One: CVPR pre-game: The Future of Datasets 
Friday, June 18 12:00 PM


An automated, end-to-end ML pipeline would accelerate research. Far too often, however, we concentrate on optimizing models rather than optimizing data. In this discussion, we discuss ways to get the most out of datasets.


Richard Socher
You.com CEO; Co-Creator ImageNet

Olga Russakovsky
Associate Professor, Princeton University

Jeff Boudier
HuggingFace, Head of Growth and Product

Joseph Gonzalez
UC Berkeley, RISE Lab

Siddhartha Sen
Principal Researcher, Microsoft

Jianing Wei
Tech Lead Manager, Google

Davit Buniatyan
CEO, Activeloop

Activeloop AI Panel Two: Next-Gen ML Infrastructure for Computer Vision 
Monday, June 21 3:00 PM


Previously, we explored a data-centric approach to ML training. Unfortunately there aren’t many existing solutions for dataset management and optimization. In this discussion, we explore tooling and infrastructure to get the most out of data.

Tobi Knaup
CEO & Co-Founder, D2iQ

Waleed Kadous
Head of Engineering at Anyscale

Lukas Biewald
CEO, Weights & Biases

Dillon Erb
CEO, Paperspace

Tianqi Chen

Glenn Jocher
CEO, Ultralytics
Creator of YOLOv5

Josh Tobin
CEO, Gantry

Davit Buniatyan
CEO, Activeloop