Tutorial Name Organizers Tutorial URL Schedule
When Image Analysis Meets Natural Language Processing: A Case Study in Radiology Yifan Peng https://bionlplab.github.io/cvpr2021tutorial/ Half
Vision Meets Mapping 3 (VMM3) – Computer Vision for Location-based Reasoning and Mapping Xiang Ma https://visionmeetsmapping.github.io/ Full
Fine-Grained Visual Analysis with Deep Learning Xiu-Shen Wei https://fgva-cvpr21.github.io/ Half
End-to-End Big Data AI Pipeline Using Ray and Apache Spark Jason Dai https://jason-dai.github.io/cvpr2021// Half
Cross-View and Cross-Modal Visual Geo-Localization Rakesh Kumar https://www.sri.com/computer-vision/cvpr-2021-tutorial-on-cross-view-and-cross-modal-visual-geo-localization/ Half
From VQA to VLN: Recent Advances in Vision-and-Language Research Qi Wu and Zhe Gan https://vqa2vln-tutorial.github.io/ Full
Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement and Health Care Wenjin Wang https://sites.google.com/view/cvpr2021tutorial Half
Deep Learning for Visual Data Compression Dong Xu https://guolu-home.github.io/cvpr21-tutorial Half
Normalizing Flows and Invertible Neural Networks in Computer Vision Marcus Brubaker https://mbrubake.github.io/cvpr2021-nf_in_cv-tutorial/ Half
Practical Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning: Problems and Solutions Pin-Yu Chen and Dipanjan Sarkar https://sites.google.com/view/par-2021 Full
Tutorial on Fairness Accountability Transparency and Ethics in Computer Vision Emily Denton https://sites.google.com/view/fatecv-tutorial-2021/ Full
Computer Vision and beyond: Pattern Recognition for Satellite Images Mihai Datcu http://ceospacetech.pub.ro/index.php/events-menu/36-conferences/242-cvpr2021-tutorial-datcu Half
Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds: a deep learning framework for Cultural Heritage Marina Paolanti d2ch.dii.univpm.it Half
Leave those nets alone: advances in self-supervised learning Spyros Gidaris https://gidariss.github.io/self-supervised-learning-cvpr2021/ Half
All about self-driving Raquel Urtasun https://cvpr2021.waabi.ai/ Full
Interpretable Machine Learning for Computer Vision Bolei Zhou https://interpretablevision.github.io/ Half
Learning Representations via Graph-structured Networks Xiaolong Wang https://xiaolonw.github.io/graphnnv3/ Half
A Comprehensive Tutorial on Video Modeling Yi Zhu https://bryanyzhu.github.io/video-cvpr2021/ Half
Audio-Visual Scene Understanding Di Hu https://audio-visual-scene-understanding.github.io/ Full
Normalization Techniques in Deep Learning: Methods, Analyses, and Applications Lei Huang https://normalization-dnn.github.io/ Half
Distributed Deep Learning on HPC servers for Large Scale Computer Vision Applications Santi Adavani https://www.rocketml.net/cvpr/ Half
Unlocking Creativity with Computer Vision: Representations for Animation, Stylization and Manipulation Sergey Tulyakov https://snap-research.github.io/representations-for-creativity/ Half
Adversarial Machine Learning in Computer Vision Cihang Xie https://advmlincv.github.io/cvpr21-tutorial/ Full
Data-Efficient Learning in An Imperfect World Atlas Wang https://vita-group.github.io/cvpr_2021_data_efficient_tutorial.html Half
OpenMMLab An Open-source Algorithm Platform for Computer Vision Kai Chen https://openmmlab.com/cvpr2021-tutorial/ Half
Physics-based differentiable rendering Shuang Zhao https://diff-render.org Half
SMPL made Simple Michael Black https://smpl-made-simple.is.tue.mpg.de Full
Theory and Application of Energy-Based Generative Models Jianwen Xie https://energy-based-models.github.io/ Half
Mobile Visual Analytics Tao Chen https://embedded-dl-lab.github.io/mobile-visual-analytics/ Half
New frontiers in data-driven autonomous driving Błażej Osiński http://self-driving-cars.org/ Half